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Wednesday 15 January 2014
One to Leave One to Leave by Tia Louise
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

One To Leave = Stuart and Mariska = hot, hot, hot!!!

It's book 5 and this series continues to go from strength to strength. After loving Kenny and Slayde's story so much I was worried that Stuart and Mariska's story may pale into insignificance but I needn't have worried, Stuart was ready to lift my expectations!

I swear Tia's writing gets hotter and hotter and some of the scenes *phew* were extremely spicy. I was on the fence about calling Tia an erotic romance writer before, choosing instead to think of her books as more adult romance, but One To Leave definitely takes the eroticism of her writing to another level.

So, Stuart and Mariska, well there's a partnership we were always destined to enjoy. From the teaser in One To Love, we were left questioning who this broken man is and who can possibly save him. Enter Mariska. From the brief moment they shared at the gym, Stuart and Mariska can't stop thinking about each other but their lives are heading in different directions.

Stuart is still coming to terms with his recovery and the implications of his treatment and heads to his uncle's to try to recover but Derek and Patrick are suspicious and head out after him. Derek finds Stuart in need of his support and spending the week together they try to piece Stuart's life back together again.

Mariska can 't stop thinking about Stuart and when her dreams start to become mysterious she does what she thinks has to be done and she heads in Stuart's direction.

Stuart and Mariska are immediately attracted to one another once again but they question the power in their feelings for one another. Their relationship doesn't run smoothly though as Stuart feels that he has unfinished business in the desert and pushing and pulling at Mariska's heart strings he inadvetently pushes her away, back home.

It's not long though before Stuart realises the error of his ways and decides to seek out his one true love, Mariska.

This is a special story and one that certainly had its ups and downs. I especially love the way these two characters souls called out to each other.
"I saw you and my soul came to life inside me." ~Mariska
The bond shared between Stuart and Mariska goes so deep that their dreams are intertwined and who is about to refuse them their HEA.

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