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Thursday 15 January 2015
One to Chase One to Chase by Tia Louise
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who wouldn’t want Marcus Merritt to chase after them but this is one chase that leaves him wondering if he will ever catch his prey aka the woman of his dreams, Amy, or Amalie, Knight.

Sister of the lovely Patrick, Amy is an enigma, especially to Marcus, but after their tryst at Derek and Melissa’s wedding he assumes that he will never see her again, despite her remaining firmly in his thoughts.

Marcus, Elaine’s brother, is a confirmed bachelor but after an unexpected meeting with Amy, or Amalie, in his office (as a favour to Elaine), he quickly starts to re-evaluate his feelings on relationships. Amy, however, is untrusting and doubts herself at every turn where relationships are concerned but Marcus is not one to be deterred and giving Amy a job with his company, he sets his sights firmly in her direction.

This story reaches previously unseen heights in Tia Louise's books as we are wowed with glamour, wealth and opulence. We are treated to fashion and social hierarchies as we follow Amy and Marcus through the high life of Chicago but this is a highlife that Amy has spurned before, thanks to her previous partying lifestyle and the tragic result of a situation she found herself in.

Marcus is continually questioning what it is that makes Amy fear any sort of a commitment with him and as he pulls, she firmly pushes him away. Every time you feel that Marcus has had a breakthrough with Amy, she rejects him once again, that is until she knows she needs emotional support and there is only one man she is prepared to turn to, Marcus. As a result, we unexpectedly get to spend some time Patrick and Stuart towards the end of the story, along with their respective partners, but it's a fleeting mention in the storyline but one that’s no less delicious.

For me, this story was a little confusing. A lot of the references were lost on me, possibly due to me being a Brit, and this detracted from the story slightly, but that said, the story was still enjoyable and if you can appreciate the whole fashionista feel throughout it, you won’t be disappointed.

Next up is One to Take, and back to Stuart, so buckle up and prepare for the ride!

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