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Monday 10 August 2015
On the Run On the Run by Jade C. Jamison
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Oh to be starting out on the journey of life again at the tender age of 16. All that anticipation, promise, hope, determination and of course….. sex! Welcome to the life of Kyle Summers as she tells the story of her life leading up to the formation of The Vagabonds, an all girl band set to turn the world upside down.

I knew when Jade C Jamison said this story was going to be about an all girl band that I needed to read this book and I wasn’t disappointed. The story sets out at a steady pace and book one simply sets the scene for the rest of the series as The Vagabonds head out for their first tour. My only difficulty with reading this story where the numerous music references; I definitely need to do some homework before reading on!

We meet Kyle Summers, and her parents, as she tells us about her nomadic lifestyle before she finally settles in one place and starts to experience the highs and lows of high school. One definitely high in her school life is Decker. Interest piqued by Kyle when he sees her fielding her guitar at a school talent show, the duo soon become romantically involved as they seek an outlet for their raging teenage hormones.

Much of this first instalment was about Kyle and her relationship with her parents and her sexual awakening with Decker but as the story progresses, and she is offered a position with a new all girl group later to become known as The Vagabonds, we get to witness her musical journey. With the coming together of teenage girls there is some angst but the group soon become friends, perhaps with the exception of the diva-like lead singer, Barbie. We have Liz, the starting point of the group and song-writer extraordinaire who lives a wealthy lifestyle but definitely with a story to tell. Then we meet Kelly, on bass, Vicki, a talented drummer, and the group is complete. They soon become close friends and excited to be thrust into a lifestyle they had only previously dreamt about. From laying down tracks in a recording studio, to filming videos, the girls enter into a maelstrom of life changing experiences.

One such life changing experience for Kyle comes in the form of CJ Slavin, a musician who is brought in to assist in the studio. It’s soon apparent that CJ and Kyle have a connection but as she is only just 17 to his 21 years they have to fight their feelings for one another, but reading between the lines we look set for some explosive encounters in future instalments.

Told very much from the first person, and almost as a narration of the story of her life to date, Kyle sets the scene for the next stage of The Vagabond experience. You can bet there will be drama, sexiness and heartbreak along the way, all in the name of rock ‘n’ roll!

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