Review: My Stepbrother, My Escort

Saturday 10 October 2015
My Stepbrother, My Escort My Stepbrother, My Escort by Leigh James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another step brother with a tale to tell but this one, for me, managed to draw me in.

I’m not sure what the fascination is about step brothers in particular so I only give books with this heading a cursory glance normally but this caught my eye on Netgalley. After checking it out on Amazon and seeing it was on KU I thought great, then accidentally bought it! So as I had paid for the book I decided to read it straight away and I wasn’t disappointed.

The story started with a background into the previous family life of Lowell and Kyle, brought together by their parent’s marriage but after their relationship broke down, neither Kyle nor Lo expected to see each other again. That is until Lo drunkenly, and very funnily, decides to give the police a piece of her mind and as a result her outburst becomes fodder for the gossip machine which surrounds her blossoming acting career.

With damage control needed, and fast, Lo decides to hire an escort to act as her boyfriend but little does she expect her ex-step brother Kyle to turn up at her door. Frustrations are quickly reignited as the two clash, as they had as teenagers, but Kyle sees something in Lo that has him developing feelings for her very quickly.

The story continues with Kyle doing everything he can to win over Lo, and the press who are watching her every move. He is caring, tender, supportive and before long Lo is powerless to resist his charms. Despite winning over Lo, Kyle knows that it’s their parents who hold the key to their future together and it’s not long before they find out their ex step siblings have fallen in love.

I really enjoyed this story. It was a light hearted read which was moderately captivating. I think the strength of the story lies with the characters rather than the stepbrother connection, which despite it being the main reason for Lo and Kyle not to be together, could be easily overlooked. Overall the book was a sweet contemporary romance and, as long as you don’t question the plot too indepthly, you won’t be disappointed.

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