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Monday 10 March 2014
Lies Lies by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is Nicki Sosebee at her very best!

This series is continuing to build momentum as Nicki tries to find the stories hidden within her town's political underbelly. Hiding behind its wealth, the town is slowly starting to reveal its secrets but it's down to Nicki to unearth them and to try to topple those in power.

Just when you think Nicki has enough in her plate though, she finds herself in yet another love triangle. With herself and Sean firmly placed in one corner, this time the other corner is taken up by her latest love interest and local tattoo artist, Hunter Landry. He may sound like every girls dream with ink and a piercing to shock your Grandmothers, but Hunter soon starts to show his true colours but never fear, Sean is still at hand to save the day, if not Nicki’s heart.

As forewarned, Lies has a darker, deeper and altogether sexier edge to it and the boy next door feel has become something altogether more sinister which, call me twisted, I loved. I initially sat up and became EXTREMELY interested in Hunter but then my interest plummeted and I soon found myself wanting Sean to come to Nicki’s rescue once again.

As normal, Nicki continues to balance two jobs but with the Newspaper making cutbacks and the restaurant still struggling under its new ownership, Nicki has some difficult decisions to make.

I can't wait to read on in this series, I really do think this is Jade's best series to date!

*Re-read April 2017

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