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Sunday, 15 January 2017
Kiss Me Kiss Me by L.P. Lovell
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Dramatically dark yet delightfully decadent!

It feels like an age since we’ve spent time with Una and Nero but then when you start reading this book you realise that their story never left your heart in the first place.

Despite the dark theme, you can’t help but relish the love story contained within the pages of this series. We’ve seen Una’s past, and the reason why she is the person she is today, and all that is left is to witness her exact retribution against the man who stole her childhood, tortured her, abused her and made her into the cold hearted killer that she is today.

With Una pregnant and on the run she feels that she can’t trust anyone and that includes Nero. Nero is determined to bring his “Morte” back to him though and is willing to do anything to make that happen. Una is desperate to keep herself alive long enough to have her baby but knowing what she will never be able to keep him or her safe, her future with her child beyond its birth is uncertain.

Una must always be my strength, and I hers, because if not, then we will quickly become each others weakness.

With a story that crosses continents, readers follow in Una’s footsteps as she tries to outfox the man who taught her everything, Nicholai. With Anna, Una’s sister, under the watchful eye of the Mexican’s, but still at risk, Una’s story is multifaceted. She knows that she must do everything she can to keep her baby safe but will it be to the detriment of her sister’s wellbeing?

We are two predators, circling each other with a mutual respect. But I want him, and isn't this the most primal of instincts?

This story is written in such a way that you can’t help but hope for a future without danger for Una and Nero but with Una’s bloodlust and Nero’s mafia involvement, a future without violence may be off the table but they can at least try to ensure that the Russian threat is neutralised before finding their own brand of HEA.

We are the monsters in this story. We don't get happily ever afters,

Right from the first page, this series has gripped me. From meeting Una as a trained killer to going back to her childhood, the books have been an emotional challenge to read but yet one which I thoroughly enjoyed. If dark stories are what you enjoy, and gruesome and unnecessary acts of violence don't turn your stomach then let Una and Nero can take you a ride that you’ll never forget.

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