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Friday, 15 January 2016
Kill Me Kill Me by L.P. Lovell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book totally blew me away. This story was violent, sexual, angry and emotive - it fitted my "top book" expectations perfectly! I loved Una and Nero's story and can't wait for more.

A new author to me and one I will certainly return to. LP Lovell has a real talent for bringing drama and emotion to life through written words.

I knew this book would be one to relish. Anything involving the Mob or organised crime families, and a healthy dose of lust and lasciviousness ticks all of my boxes but what I didn’t expect was the power behind the story.

From the start, Una’s story was heartbreaking and painful. Although LP Lovell kept her abuse after being kidnapped brief, it still packed a punch. From childhood pain, readers are then thrust into a different type of suffering as Una is moulded over her teenage years, and earlier, into becoming an assassin and not just any assassin. Una commands a high price for her services and it’s clear from early into the story exactly why this is. Una is cold and calculating in her work and conducts her business with complete emotional detachment. Taking on other personas and images, Una tries to keep who she is a secret until she comes face to face with Nero. Nero wants his brother, the Capo, killed and hires Una for the job. What Una doesn’t expect though is that once the job is done, Nero will expect more from her in return for finding her long lost sister.

Nero scares me and it's such a rare gift, one that no one else has even given me.

With four killings expected, Una has her reservations but despite being under Nero’s control, Una starts to awaken her inner temptress and soon Nero and Una fall into an unconventional and violent relationship. Theirs is not a tender love but more of an explosion of sexual awakening as each fight for domination. Neither trusts the other but rely on each other for support and it’s this support that Una starts to question when it comes to Nero, especially since he is blackmailing her to complete the killings he seeks at her hands.

I suddenly see her for what she really is. The very qualities that make us human have been torn from her and though she is indeed strong, she's also irrevocably broken.

This story is, as expected, violent a time but not gratuitously so. It portrays a life many of us would never enter into but for Una and Nero, their bond is special and one to relish as you progress through their story. This instalment does end of a cliffie but it’s not too long to wait for the next instalment. Fortunately, in the meantime, Una’s prequel will shortly be released and I guess that will be a true telling of her experiences and indoctrinations from her abduction to her present day.
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