Review: Just a Kiss

Wednesday 13 January 2016
Just a Kiss Just a Kiss by Kate Kisset
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another new author to me and a series which has already captured my attention. Who wouldn’t love a romance story set amongst the wine region of Napa?

The story sets out telling the sad tale of Sarah, cheated out of her inheritance by her scheming ex-fiance and her accountant. Now she is rebuilding her life and her bakery business with the support of her loyal friends, Danica, Juliet and the delightful Lulu. When an opportunity arises to have one of the Santino brothers, Jamie, getting experience of baking in preparation for his next movie, Danica couldn’t resist offering him Sarah’s services and expertise. Sarah is horrified but reluctantly agrees to the request, especially when she lays eyes on Jamie. However, their first morning together doesn’t go to plan and Jamie has his offer rescinded. Jamie is not to be deterred however and returns the next day with apologies and a look that Sarah is futile to resist.

Despite her past, Sarah soons comes to realise that there is a mutual attraction between her and Jamie and with his cheeky personality she is finding it hard to resist him or his charms. The only spanner in works, so to speak, comes in the form of Nikki Lean, Jamie’s latest co-star. With Nikki determined to give off an air of “the man is clearly mine”, Sarah backs off but not without a fight from Jamie. The only problem for Sarah though is being able to trust a man again as she struggles to understand why this man in particular has set his sights on her.

The story progresses with plenty of fun and games courtesy of Danica, Juliet and Lulu and the rest of the Santino family, especially the six brothers who we have only been teased with so far.

I really enjoyed this story. It was lighthearted, well written and enjoyable. At times I had difficulty understanding and appreciating the path taken by Sarah and the way she spurned Jamie only to jump back into his arms, literally. This was a mood swing pattern that seemed to reoccur throughout the story. I felt the ending was slightly rushed and to my horror, the story finished at 88%, but we did get an extract from the next story, Napa Crush, Danica and Michael’s book. With twins in the future all is looking bright for the Single Girls Wine Club and especially the Santino brothers.

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