Review: Headstrong Like Us

Tuesday 21 January 2020

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh Marrow, my heart just melts for these two men.

The instalment continues with somewhat of a culmination of Maximoff and Farrow's story with their wedding getting ever closer. With Jane continuing as their wedding planner, and with the nightmare that was Scotland behind them, it's time to breathe in and enjoy the day and hope and pray that Grandmother Calloway doesn't create a storm.

This book had a slow and steady feel to, unlike its predecessors, and there were more fun times than tension but it does enable readers to spend more time with the youngest members of the family which was nice. I guess the wedding was the best way of bringing everyone together for readers. That said, Maximoff and Farrow's pre-wedding preparations face an interesting and unexpected hurdle with a couple of cute additions and this just made the whole book so much sweeter.

I did find myself struggling with Maximoff's character at times in this instalment. For someone who holds the younger members of the family together and seen as the father figure of the famous offspring, I still felt that Maximoff was very immature at times and his vulnerability, which was previously adorable, started to slightly irritate me. Farrow is definitely still very much the glue which holds Maximoff together despite their battles for supremacy. As much as I love this duo, I did find their sexual encounters overly done and too repetitive on this occasion. I just didn't feel the love in every scene and found myself skipping over some parts. I also felt the writing was a little less seamless at times and unlike before, I felt changes in the writing styles and content.

descriptionSully is probably still my favourite female character and she even became a kick-ass heroine at one point, I can't wait for her story. We were also given a hint at what Oscar and Jack will be facing in the future and boy does their journey look rocky.

This book is definitely hit some high notes for me and this was made all the better for the audible narration. It's pure listening bliss on your ears!

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