Review: Half Empty

Friday 10 January 2020

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, I am clearly hooked on yet another series by Catherine Bybee. I don't know how she manages to think up so many amazing storylines and twists and turns. I keep thinking that each book that I've read can't be surpassed and then, bam, she wows me with yet another fascinating storyline.

There was clearly unfinished business with Ruslan and the death of his son, Fedor, and with the Everson wealth firmly in Trina's hands, thanks to Alice changing her will, Trina once again finds herself in danger but that's only after she meets and falls for country singing star Wade Thomas.

With the anniversary of Fedor's death coming up, Trina finds herself hiding out in Venice. With the other 3 first wives getting antsy about her delayed return, Trina decides to further delay her travel arrangements by using a weather depression as her reason for taking multiple flights home. When Trina arrives in Miami, exhausted and starving, she finds herself in a hotel bar and catching the eye of an unknown and unwanted admirer. When Wade talks to Trina he is stunned that she doesn't recognise him and finding it refreshing not to be judged on who they are, both Trina and Wade enjoy getting to know each other. When Wade offers her a flight home, Trina agrees and unsurprisingly the storm catches up with them: both the weather storm and the first wives storm!

With Wade and Trina tentatively entering into a new relationship and facing the wrath of Wade's mother, Trina decides it is time to start emptying the house where Fedor died and that's when Ruslan and his goons come out of the woodwork again. Ruslan is still clearly looking for reasons to challenge Alice's will and that's when Avery ends up beaten and battered in hospital.

As expected, the usual security men and first wives join forces along with the mysterious Sasha to find out who hurt Avery and to find a way to stop Ruslan once and for all.

This story really packed a punch, well more than a punch for poor Avery. The story was fast-paced and offered up a few new revelations.

The next story is about Avery and I can't wait to see if her injuries have changed her or if she will remain a fun-loving, feisty and confident woman.

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