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Friday 10 January 2014
Fully Automatic Fully Automatic by Jade C. Jamison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I started this book tentatively because, well to put it simply, I love Ethan and all his flaws, and I just hadn’t warmed to Brad in the previous books.

Having assumed this was just going to be Brad's POV, I was sorely mistaken; it was so much more. Yes, the storyline mirrored previous books but you got to see a completely different side to Brad from that seen from Ethan's perspective.

Brad has been in love with Valerie Quinn since he first laid eyes on her but unfortunately, for him, Val’s eyes were fixed elsewhere, namely Ethan. Brad knew from the outset that his heart belonged to Val but he sat by patiently as he watched his best friend, Ethan, and the woman he loved, Val, try to make their dysfunctional relationship work. Break up after break up, Brad was ever present in the wings waiting and hoping that each time Val would realise that her relationship with Ethan was toxic.
“I know you’re into Ethan, and as long as you are, nothing’s gonna happen between us. But I want you to know I’ll wait.”
Val in the previous books has been written as a strong character who knows her mind but in this book I couldn’t help but call her all the names under the sun for what she put Brad through. She was cold, heartless, calculating, and deceitful but most of all unworthy of the feelings Brad had for her.

I really enjoyed reading the story of the formation of Fully Automatic again but from Brad’s perspective. At times the story lacked some momentum but having read the previous books you knew he story was building slowly and carefully towards its conclusion.
“He could feel what she was feeling. It was deep and soulful, and there were no words for it. It wasn’t just love. It was more than that. It was deeper than anything he’d ever known, and he know then that it wasn’t just him. She felt it too.”
This book is part of a series and I would recommend reading the first three books before this one. It does have a HEA though and no cliff-hanger.

I simply love my band-based books and this is not exception. Everything Jade C Jamison writes has me hooked from the first word on the first page.

Copy kindly received from the author in return for a honest review.

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