Review: The Fragile Fall

Thursday 15 January 2015
The Fragile Fall The Fragile Fall by Kristy Love
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After seeing this beautiful book cover and reading the emotive synopsis, I couldn’t wait to start reading this story. The author is unknown to me and I wasn’t sure what to expect but what I found was a heartfelt and painful story about loss, self-harming and ultimately hitting rock bottom before finding peace.

The focus of the story is on Will who is grieving the loss of his parents and trying to find himself in a new world outside of their protection. Moving to live with his Aunt, Will meets her neighbours, Ryanne and her brother Jax, and together they slowly try to support Will and to help him to heal from the pain that he is feeling. What they weren’t prepared for was the depth of depression that Will has spiralled into and keeping hidden from them as well as his Aunt. Rejection hits him hard and when he thinks everyone is against him is when this story really becomes one of survival.

The balance between the three characters was well thought out. There is an unexpected love triangle which causes Will more angst but with Ryanna, Jax and Will all determined to avoid hurting the other, things quickly get complicated and it’s a complication that Will is unprepared for and a battle he’s too weak to take on.

This is definitely not a book to read if you are looking for a light and easy storyline. It is brutal in its truth and reveals emotional depths so low that most people would be unable to understand or appreciate. The subject matter was handled well though without unnecessary angst as Will struggles to find a way to live in the shadow of his past.

All in all a well written book which covers difficult subject matter well and provides its readers with a long awaited happiness for Will as the story twists and turns towards its HEA.

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