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Sunday 9 March 2014
Fracture Fracture by Callie Hart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG can this series get any better?!!! The chemistry between Sloane and Zeth is almost palpable and I love the edginess to Zeth's character. Yes I know I shouldn't be a fan of his, he's a dangerous psychopath after all, but his vulnerability where Sloane is concerned makes you want more and more from him.
"You're perfection, angry girl. No need to huff and puff. I'm gonna take care of you."
Fracture picks up right from where Deviant left off with Sloane & Zeth asking Pippa for help with Lacey. After an explosive scene between Sloane and Zeth, Sloane pushes Zeth too far and he disappears for two weeks only to return with Lacey in tow and asking Sloane to take care of her while he goes looking for Sloane's sister.

Zeth assumes all is well with his relationship with Charlie but after a job goes wrong, Zeth is left wondering when Charlie stopped trusting him.

The story continues with Zeth working to find Alexis but in doing so, and turning his back on Charlie, he puts Sloane and Lacey in danger.

I love Sloane and Zeth's relationship and I squealed at the end of the book because I need to know what happens next, NOW!!!! Yes, this ends on a cliffie but I'm sure it's going to be well worth the wait to find out what happens to Sloane and Zeth.

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