Review: The Five Stages of Falling in Love

Tuesday 10 February 2015
The Five Stages of Falling in Love The Five Stages of Falling in Love by Rachel Higginson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a beautiful story of love overcoming all. From the pain of loss comes the hope of happiness and where there was once nothing but darkness comes a light to brighten up the blackest of days.

I'm not known for enjoying emotional romances but I'd heard good things about this book and I decided to give it ago. What's the worst that could happen..... yep, great bit sobbing tears, by the bucket load, I swear it's my age, I wasn't an emotional wreck last year!

Anyway, back to Liz's story and after the prologue, which yes I cried through, I was hooked and read the story pretty much non stop. Anyone who has lost someone close to them will know the stages of grief but this story turns them around and whilst the grief is progressing a love is developing and an unexpected love at that. A new neighbour brings the cycle of grief around and helps Liz to realise that there is life after death.

Ben is beyond sweet as the new, single, and gorgeous neighbour who Liz comes face to face with an hysterical moment with a pool scene thanks to her wayward danger, Abby. Ben is smitten with Liz from the first moment he sees her but knowing the pain and desolation she is feeling, he takes his time getting to know her and slowly but surely creeps bit by bit into her life and her daily routines. I loved Ben's mini speeches throughout this book. How could anyone say no to him? Each and every word that tumbled from his mouth made my heart squeeze with emotion.
“I like you, Liz. I’ve liked you for almost as long as I’ve known you. And every time I spend time with you, I just like you more. You’re an incredible woman that I can’t imagine not seeing every day, listening to your stories, listening to you laugh… listening to the bad things and the good things. I know this freaks you out. And it should probably freak me out too. But it doesn’t. It feels right. You and I feel right. So stay with me for just tonight.
As you can expect, Liz faces many hurdles as she struggles to come to terms with her developing feelings for Ben and together with her four children, she battles her heart and her head in order to make the right decision both for herself and for her children.

For anyone looking for a feel-good book with plenty of emotion then this story will definitely make your year. Be warned though, get your tissues at the ready, between crying and laughing, you will have an emotional breakdown but all in the name of a HEA.

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