Review: Edge Of Reason

Tuesday 7 January 2020
Edge Of Reason Edge Of Reason by Freya Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was another captivating novel by Freya Barker who always manages to breathe fresh air into any genre/trope.

I hesitated to start this book when I saw it was about an MC club. I have a bit of a been-there-done-that attitude with such books but when I saw that Freya had put a spin on the concept, I was intrigued as to how she would handle the story she had planned. Needless to say, it was a refreshing change to have an MC in a book that was not all about unnecessary violence but instead used its might for the greater good.

Trunk (Titus) was definitely a larger than life character. A qualified psychologist, he uses his experience to work with children who have become societal outcasts. Despite his size and intimidating demeanour, he is gentle with those who mean something to him and this makes him immediately likeable despite his brusque manner.

Jaimie and her Son, River, were really enjoyable characters as well and River, to some extent, stole the show with his cute baby words and fascination with Trunk.

I must admit that I haven't read Tracking Tahlula and didn't find the story difficult to follow as a result but knowing there was a bit of a back story was slightly distracting. There's always that slight niggle in the back of your mind suggesting the story would be even more complete if you had the whole picture and background.

The basis of the story was a pleasantly convoluted one which kept me riveted and keen to find out who was behind the attacks which Trunk, his club and Jaimie found themselves embroiled in.

Overall this was a really good story and one that I would happily recommend to readers looking for an easy-to-read romantic suspense.

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