Review: Dirty Angels

Wednesday 9 January 2013
Dirty Angels Dirty Angels by Karina Halle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I always said I was team Javier and this book demonstrates why this man, this bad, bad man, is just so damn loveable.

Time has moved since Ellie left Javier behind and now running his cartel without a love interest to distract him, he is back to his cold blooded ways. He is still plotting and planning in order to extend his empire and to do that he needs to control the lucrative shipping lane known as the Ephedra. This lane is currently under the control of Salvador Reyes though and Javier targets his weakness, or so he thinks, his wife, Luisa.

Luisa has been living a poor life, working to support her frail parents when she catches Salvador's attention whilst working in Cabo Cocktails. Knowing that her family would be taken care of if she accepts his marriage proposal she reluctantly agrees to become his wife but assuming that he will take care of her and protect her she is horrified when she becomes his toy as he abuses, debases and humiliates her by sharing her amongst his men. When she attempts to make a break for her freedom though and is kidnapped, little does she expect to fall into the arms, and bed, of Javier Bernal.

Salvador has 7 days to reply to Javier's ransom demands but during that time, Javier becomes enamoured by Luisa's strength and beauty.

The story continues with Javier and Luisa slowly falling for each other but knowing they can never be together, Luisa knows she will either be returned to Salvador or killed.

I loved this book so much. Having been a fan of the Artists Trilogy and pretty much everything else Karina Halle has written this for me was a perfect way to end the Christmas holidays. This was face paced and dark and brought to life the cruelties and horrors of the narcos and their lives. A brilliant book.

I can't wait to read Alana's story, Javier's sister is bound to have an exciting tale to tell!!!

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