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Wednesday 14 January 2015
Deal Breakers Deal Breakers by Laura Lee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 Stars

What a sweet story and one which pulled on my heart strings, hard! With a side order of adorable child, this story was a perfectly balanced dose of book magic medicine.

At the outset, I found this story a little disjointed as it jumped from year to year without much depth or complexity but reading on it became clear that it merely set the scene for what was to come; a powerful tale of a love being re-kindled after it was presumed lost forever. Right from the start we are thrust into a love affair between two obvious soul mates but who were afraid to risk their friendship by realising their feelings for one another. Riley and Devyn were clearly destined to be together but with Devyn facing a painful and recent loss, she asks Riley for friendship and nothing more. Riley being the typical boy that he is tries for more and despite their occasional kisses, their friendship remains intact for four long years and nothing more occurs until Devyn asks the one thing of Riley which affects their friendship, irrevocably.

Five years pass since their last encounter and Riley has never forgotten Devyn. He knows in his heart that she is the “one” for him and blames his own stubbornness for not realising sooner. In an attempt to win her back, he sets off to find her but will she accept his feelings for her or is their love too late?

This is an easy to read contemporary romance with quite a bit of spice thanks to Riley. That man has a vocabulary to rival any alpha and a tender heart to warm anyone’s soul. Whilst I enjoyed the story from the 5 year gap point, it did struggle to become absorbed by it before then and whilst this is an enjoyable and relatively short read, I believe it would have benefitted from having a little more depth, time and length added to it. With flavours of a writing style akin to Harper Sloan and Tara Sivec, this is definitely an author to follow and this is a series to keep in mind. I for one can’t wait for the next instalments as we get to spend time with Riley and Devyn’s friends/family.

All in all a really well written book which was enjoyable, fun to read (I especially loved Nate) and one which will be enjoyed by most contemporary romance lovers who like a bit of extra sexiness on top.

Finally, the award for best marriage proposal goes to………? You’ll have to read to find out exactly who wins Devyn’s heart but let me say this, “wow, swoon, hell yeah and I will if she doesn’t”!

Thanks to the author for the opportunity to read and to, honestly, review her book.

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