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Sunday, 10 January 2016
Clubwhore Clubwhore by Kim Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, that was a total steam-dream with more than a dash of broken girl syndrome! It’s certainly one biker book ride that I'll never forget.

I knew from the cover and the synopsis that I’d really enjoy reading this book. Books about bike clubs are always a great read for me but this was something quite different. Although a clubwhore, Delilah was so much more complicated than her title leads us to believe. She has a thirst for pain and a desire for sexual release so I guess a MC club was the best place for her to end up but had it not been for the club, life could have turned out quite differently for Delilah. Yes, in some respects, the Devil’s Renegades saved her from a life of consensual abuse at the hands of the man who fed her deepest and darkest desires.

This storyline isn’t set up to titillate. It’s not something to just satisfy our fascination with kink. It tells a story of a compulsive desire for a release either through pain or sexual stimulation. Delilah is one complicated lady but as you read the story you will love her, her damaged ways and her desire to be helped and there’s only one man suited to that role, Devil’s Renegade MC Sergeant at Arms Bryce.

Bryce was a character I took time to warm to. Obviously fascinated by what Delilah has to offer him, and also entranced by her looks and personality, he sets about spending time in her bed whenever he’s at the clubhouse but it’s not long before he comes to realise that Delilah needs more from him than explosive sex.

Delilah is as compulsive in her weekly routines as she is in her need to be satisfied in order to feed the monster that lives inside of her. Seeking punishment from her family, she heads home every Sunday knowing she will face physical and psychological abuse. After one particular visit though, Delilah finds herself needing help and turns to the one person she has started to trust, Bryce. From that point on, Bryce is determined to help Delilah face her demons and with techniques which seem almost implausible to me, as a reader, he works to help Delilah to find her inner peace. Neither Bryce nor Delilah are looking for a relationship. Neither want to have or be an ‘ol lady but despite their physical desires, Delilah forms an attraction to Bryce that soon becomes unbreakable but will it cost her relationship with Bryce?

I found this story enjoyable but at the same time difficult to read. The need for pain or release that Delilah faces is almost too much to bear as you feel for her in her daily struggle to keep her monsters at bay. Bryce did become the perfect alpha for me before the end of the story though and his brusk personality gave way to a more personable and likeable one. At times I found the story to be more drawn out than necessary and perhaps lacking a little focus. I like to be drawn into a story’s plot and apart from Bryce and Delilah spending time “together” very little happened outside of their connection but when it did, I was rewarded with a story which was all consuming.

This is the first book I’ve read by Kim Jones and I will certainly be reading Saving Dallas which has been sat on my kindle for forever! I really enjoyed her writing style. Her writing was almost poetic and I found myself re-reading paragraphs to simply enjoy her style and phraseology. There is a HEA, just don’t expect flowers, candles and romance on the journey there!

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