Review: Chasing Shadows

Monday 13 January 2020

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Poor Avery but what a find in the lovely Liam.

Avery has been chasing her shadows or ghosts since her attack but so far her memory has failed her. Now, with her memory returning, she starts to remember bits and pieces about her attacker and is determined to seek revenge.

With Avery's confidence in tatters, she joins a Krav Maga class in the hope that she will never be a helpless victim again. Despite her training, she is unable to fight one-on-one with a man in the fear that it will trigger flashbacks. That is until her path crosses Liam's.

When Liam sees Avery almost flooring the unwanted attractions of a man in a bar he is determined to find out who this mystery woman is. Tracking her to her Krav Maga class, under the pretence of doing work for the owner, Brenda, Liam unexpectedly finds himself actively participating in Avery's class and her "target" for the night. Knowing she does not fear Liam and goaded by Brenda, the Krav Maga class instructor, Avery agrees to spar with Liam and before long, the duo are having drinks and dinner together after each session.

Liam falls fast and hard for Avery but with Avery's past, she finds it difficult to accept Liam into her life. Liam is determined to show Avery that she can have a relationship and fall in love but when he finds out about her attack he knows he must tread gently with her feelings and emotions.

Avery is once again supported through her troubles by her loyal friends and "First Wives". Also in the mix, much to my delight is Sasha. There's something about that woman that fascinates me.

As expected, the Audible narration is spot on with these characters. I don't know how Emma Wilder manages to pull off so many seemingly flawless foreign accents.

Catherine Bybee has managed to write so many amazing stories to date and I can't wait to read on. I fear, however, that I have almost cleared her back catalogue and the dreaded reading slump may await me!

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