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Thursday, 8 May 2014
Carnal Desire Carnal Desire by K.T. Fisher
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh-emm-gee!!!!! What an epic ride!!! I'm exhausted but in such a good way. I loved this book so much.

Okay, here it is, I've been in a darkened room and now feel strong enough to write this review!!!

This series has me so torn, normally it's clear which alpha character I am drawn to the most but in this book, I just don't know. I love Angel but then again I love Ink..... and Cowboy, Ice, and what about the mysterious Justice! Elle for me summed up Ink perfectly though:
Oh my. Ink, shirtless! Damn!
Oh, so many delicious hunks to choose from. Anyway, I've gone off at a tangent, again, back to the story....

After the shocking cliffie at the end of book one when it is revealed that Eve isn't safe to return home, the story picks up with Angel who is left wondering how he can protect Eve when she's so far away from him especially with his brother in close pursuit. Still injured, Angel immediately heads to the UK with Ink and Cowboy in an attempt to protect Eve before it is too late.

On her flight back to the UK, Eve meets Elle and immediately befriends her but it is Elle who stumbles across Angel, Cowboy and Ink and the four rush to save Eve from danger. Ink is immediately swept away by Elle's beauty and Ink does what Ink does best and adds a good dose of hot and heavy to the storyline!

Anyway, the story progresses with lots of twists and turns which will tie you up on knots before slowly unravelling you towards the book's conclusion.

There appears to be a third book in this series but after the way book two ends, with no obvious cliffie, I wonder what direction it will head in.

I will definitely re-read this series and will hopefully be less traumatised the second time around, well enough to enjoy the ride in a more relaxed manner!!!

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