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Sunday 9 August 2015
Best Laid Plans Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, what a story! This has to be one of the best books I’ve read this year. I’ll admit it, Stylo Fantome cannot write a bad book in my eyes and Best Laid Plans is close to being her best story yet. This book is fast-paced, explosive, and extremely sexy as it tells a story about a ruthless and fierce mercenary and an outwardly innocent looking but dangerous smuggler as they fight their way across North Africa and in and out of each other’s arms.

This story literally takes us on a tour of North Africa and its barren but ruthless beauty. Right from the outset, this book packs a punch as we get to meet Marc De Sant and Lily Brewster. Brought together by a job; Marc to steal rare and valuable diamonds and for Lily to smuggle them out of Africa and into Russia, we quickly get to witness their anything but conventional lives. Having spent some days around each other and now about to head in separate directions, as Lily prepares to smuggle the diamonds across Africa, they suddenly become aware of an attraction to each other which proves to be as rough as their lifestyle. Despite their connection and explosive night together, Marc assumes he has been double-crossed by Lily and heads of after her in order to reclaim the diamonds from himself and to clear his name.

Once chased and captured, Lily become a prisoner of Marc’s until she can convince him of her innocence and as the story unfolds, we’re treated to an amazing tale as they try to reach an agreement over the future of the diamonds. Lily has a score to settle and needs the diamonds to do this but then again, Marc wants to turn the cards on the man who employed him and who set him up.

At this point, the story becomes explosive, literally, as Lily and Marc try to outrun the men sent to kill them and to steal back the diamonds. From town to town, using remote routes and trying to remain inconspicuous, they fight their way across Africa in order to reach Tangier and for Lily to complete the next stage of her job. As they fight, so do their emotions and despite their tempers telling them otherwise, they start to develop a strong, protective bond.

As their journey continues and the dangers unfold one by one, they meet up with another interesting character who is also a mercenary but one that is smooth to Marc’s rough. Kingsley Law is his name and despite Lily initially having to fight him off, in more ways than one, he soon becomes an ally that Marc and Lily come to rely upon. I can’t wait for the conclusion of this story if we’re treated to more time with Law!

I really can’t praise this story highly enough. I couldn’t put it down and I didn’t want it to end and now I’m left wishing it was December and time for the story’s conclusion to be read. There is violence in this story and some consensual rough sexual scenes but they blend in with the characters and the storyline and do not feel forced or out of place. Stylo has created a dream trio in this book and with their different personalities, they complement each other perfectly to add to the strength of the story.

If you like your books light and fluffy though this isn’t the story for you. It’s sweaty, dirty and downright delicious and to the right audience, a rare diamond to behold!

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