Review: The Alphabet Game: Part One - A to E.

Wednesday 15 January 2014
The Alphabet Game: Part One - A to E. The Alphabet Game: Part One - A to E. by Andie M. Long
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 of 5 Steamy Stars!!!

I have to thank the Author, Andie M Long, for offering me a complimentary copy of this her first book to review.

The Alphabet Game is unlike any other book I have previously read. The story centres around two main characters: Stella Mulroney & Gabriel 'Gabe' Gregory. After a chance meeting in a coffee shop, Stella and Gabe realise that there is an attraction simmering between them but it's only when she's interviewed for a position at the top London Law Firm, Gregory & Sons, that she realises who her new employer will be.

Stella is hell bent on bringing her step-father to his knees and with Gabe's help she starts to plan a way to destroy him for his treatment of her growing up. It's not long though before Stella and Gabe can't keep their hands off each other though and the alphabet game commences!

The book continues with Stella and Gabe exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies while playing the “game” but Gabe is reluctant to offer Stella more than sex. It becomes apparent though that Gabe hasn't been truthful with Stella and after a chance encounter with her Mother and Stepfather, Stella starts to wonder who Gabe really is. Stella also finds out that her best friend has also been keeping secrets from her and starts to question who she can trust. At this point, Part 1 A-E ends.

This book is fully of steaminess and raunchiness for those readers looking for something to brighten up the dullest of days but the background story, having initially started out with a clear focus on Stella's part, soon turns into something darker with suspense and intrigue.

As a new author, Andie M Long's writing is excellent with none of those pesky spelling and grammatical errors all too common these days. The story flows throughout and captures you from Stella and Gabe's first meeting in the coffee shop. This book is written by a British author and is based in Britain. It uses British colloquialisms which for a British reader is such a welcome change!!!

This book ends on a cliff-hanger and sets the scene for Part 2 which I am eagerly awaiting.

To be released in April 2014

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