Review: The Alphabet Game: Part Four - S to X,Y,Z.

Wednesday 15 January 2014
The Alphabet Game: Part Four - S to X,Y,Z. The Alphabet Game: Part Four - S to X,Y,Z. by Andie M. Long
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I can't believe I've reached Z which means the end of the story and series. This is been a highly entertaining story and one which has kept me on the each of my seat waiting in anticipation for the next instalment.

Right from the beginning I loved the game between Gabe and Stella but their story is not without drama and the twists and turns which occur as a result of Gabe's father, Arnie Gregory. Arnie has added the mystery and intrigue to this story as you try to understand what game he himself is playing with Gabe, Stella and their friends and family. At the end of each instalment you get a little more insight into what this man is capable of but it's not until the conclusion that you really see him for what he is, pure evil.

Gabe and Stella are trying trying to find a way to topple Arnie but as ever, he is one step ahead of them and is prepared to do anything to protect himself. Turning to others for help, Stella and Gabe put lives in danger and they have to decide how to end Arnie's control before anyone else is hurt or killed.

Stella and Gabe are also experiencing their own problems after Stella's announcement at the end of book 3 but will they be able to put their differences aside and be able to move on with their lives, hopefully, without Arnie watching their every move.

Andie has written a delightful series and it's one which has kept me thoroughly engrossed. The only problem I had was remembering how the last instalment ended and where I was up to in the lives of this complex group of characters but now that the complete series is available you won't have the same problem!

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