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Sunday 10 December 2017
Worship Me Worship Me by Chelle Bliss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Izzy and James dominate the Men of Inked series once again!

I could just read books about this pairing and never get bored. Izzy has style and sass in abundance and James, well, James is more than enough to rock any girl’s world. Together they are highly entertaining, quirky and fun loving and most of all sexy.

From the first line of the book…

"Izzy, please. Be reasonable."

… it was clear that Izzy and James’ relationship hadn’t dimmed in the least and their spark is as hot as ever. Now a decade on in their relationship, and with children underfoot, you’d think that Izzy and James may have toned down their antics, but you’d be wrong. Yes, they face the same problems as every parent in trying to find a suitable time to get their kink on, but when James has to head to the BDSM club where he was trained in order to track down an ALFA PI target, there is only one woman that he would ever want at his side and with this trip comes the opportunity to play!

I need the submissive who’ll kneel at my feet and do as I say without a fight.”
I cackled loudly because fight was my middle name. “Seriously? You want me to be that girl?”

Resorting to bribery and a little bit of sexual teasing, James finally persuades Izzy to return home with him to see his parents but little does she know that she’s part of a larger plan. Izzy is stubborn though and if anyone is going to accompany James to a BDSM club then it’s going to be her, even if she has to bite her teeth throughout the whole experience. Izzy is only prepared to give control to James on rare occasions and playing the part of a true sub tests her patience beyond its limits.

He had the commanding spirit and the best qualities of the dirtiest master, with just the perfect amount of iron fist and soft love. There was no one else I’d ever let control me but him.

This story also swings back to Inked and the goings on there in between the ALFA PI investigation and there is unrest between Izzy’s sisters-in-law as there is shortly to be a cuckoo in the next. Needing to employ more staff, Izzy is keen not to further increase the testosterone levels in Inked and decides to hire a woman but will her sisters-in-law accept her decision to allow a young, pretty woman to work alongside their gorgeous men?

Overall, this instalment had more of a grown-up feel to it. Now in and around their 40s, the cast are starting to realise that they are no longer kids and it’s extremely funny to witness their reactions to being called old. One thing that never gets old though is this series. Each and every character has taken us on a journey to be cherished and will never be forgotten.

The most poignant part of the story though is the author’s note at the end. After laughing at Izzy and James’ exploits, you will then be brought to tears as you appreciate just what Chelle Bliss has gone through to write this book. This really does give a new meaning to blood, sweat and tears. Hugs all round for Chelle x

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release date in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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