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Wednesday 10 December 2014
Untangle Me Untangle Me by Chelle Bliss
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Kayden is a dream of a character!

Having been teased with Kayden in Trottle Me and Throttled I realised that the time is right to get to know this mysterious man better so Untangle Me was brought to the front of my TBR.

We've heard that Kayden and Sophia have had their troubles but until you read Untangle Me you don't appreciate what this lovable couple have been through to get where they are today.

Kayden has so many demons to fight that you wonder how his relationship with Sophia can survive. The biggest demon though comes in the form of his unstable ex-girlfriend, Lisa, who is determined to break this man by continually pushing and pulling on his heart strings.

I love the innocent way the relationship starts between Sophia and Kayden and how quickly the bond develops between the two albeit through a social network site. It's only upon meeting though do the two fully comprehend what they have together and that's a chemistry that will overcome all, or will it?

With a new problem in his life though, Kayden turns once again to his emotional crutch, alcohol, and it's up to Sophia to help Kayden to come through this latest episode.

Kayden is a dream of a character and you can't help but want to hug him and to remind him that he is a strong man and not the broken shell that Lisa makes him believe. I love how open he is about his feelings with Sophia and the way he expresses himself.

"Your words captured my heart, and I fell for you before I ever touched you. I didn't want to open my heart to anyone, but you, you seeped into my veins bringing a new meaning to my life. Being with you in person only made my feelings deeper for you, sealing my fate," he said. "I want you to be mine....I will not share you with anyone."

This story is a real emotional rollercoaster as it twists and turns through Sophia and Kayden's relationship. I'm glad I read this book when I did though, after Throttle Me, as it gave me a great appreciation of the hints offered by Sophia in that story as to the battles she and Kayden have fought.

Next up is Kayden (#0.5) and the background to his life that he has yet to share.

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