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Sunday, 15 December 2019
Treasured by Thursday Treasured by Thursday by Catherine Bybee
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Threats from beyond the grave!

Aww, the end of the thoroughly enjoyable Weekday Brides series has arrived and I’m sad to have reached its conclusion. Each story has been amazing and I've completely fallen in love with all the characters that I’ve met along the way.

Treasured by Thursday is written almost as if it is part two of the preceding instalment, Seduced by Sunday, as poor Gabriella Masini realises that her problems did not end with her husband’s death.

When billionaire Hunter Blackwell approaches Alliance it’s with an ulterior motive. When he meets with Gabi as part of his assessment to become an Alliance client, he is stunned when this feisty woman rejects his application. Knowing that he has to do everything he can to secure a bride, and fast, he does his own background check on Gabi and finds one or two useful things hiding in Gabi’s closet. With blackmail his last resort and a large sum of money on offer, Hunter forces Gabi’s hand and she begrudgingly accepts his request and takes him on as a client, and a husband. Not wanting to ask for her family’s help to sort out her problems once again, Gabi realises that she must meet Hunter’s demands in order to find the time to discover a way out of what appears to be certain prison time for her.

With a cleverly constructed contract in her hand, Gabi accepts Hunter’s proposal and despite the many problems they could face if the marriage falls apart, the pair get married. Hunter is unaware of Gabi’s marital past but soon starts to see the signs of her fragile state of mind as she becomes unravelled at the drop of a hat. Gabi is determined to move on with her life with ex-husband Alonso dead and buried but her emotional wellbeing is still being affected by the demons he firmly placed inside her mind.

With active off-shore accounts needing to be investigated and an insurance policy which appears to have been fraudulently claimed following Alonso’s death, poor Gabi’s problems seen to be spiralling out of control once again.

Despite the terms of their marriage, both Hunter and Gabi quickly come to realise that they may have misjudged each other and they soon start to enjoy one another’s company. With time they become intimately involved and knowing that this could further complicate their agreement, they start to open up to one another about what was really behind their reasons to marry.

With Hunter’s private investigator unearthing more problems than Hunter and Gabi could ever imagine, their problems quickly come to a head as the drug lord that Alonso Picano worked for comes to reclaim his money. As expected, Gabi’s friends and their husbands quickly come to her aid but soon realise that they are dealing with a very serious threat to Gabi’s life.

This was once again an extremely well-written and well thought out suspenseful storyline. I will miss each and every character from this series and I am sure that I will dip back into these books in the future. The audiobooks were particularly enjoyable and a particular highlight for me. Tanya Eby did an amazing job of narrating this series and brought the characters to life perfectly.

Catherine Bybee is definitely my 2019 author find of the year.

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