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Monday, 9 December 2019
Taken by Tuesday Taken by Tuesday by Catherine Bybee
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Another bodyguard hit

I thought this series may have started to run out of steam as the days progressed but that is definitely not the case. Each story is unique and can be read as a standalone but readers will benefit from reading the series in book order to be able to really appreciate and understand the characters and their personal involvement in each story.

For Taken by Tuesday it’s Judy’s turn to shine. Sister of actor Michael Wolf/Gardner and Zach Gardner, Judy became known to readers when Mike and his then-wife, Karen, visited the Gardner home and found themselves embroiled in a kidnapping plot. During this time, Judy finds herself helping Rick, Neil’s bodyguard and ex-marine friend, to find the evidence needed to clear Zach and Karen. Their close promixity sparks that inevitable flame as the two find themselves immediately attracted to one another.

With Judy set to start college, Rick decides that he needs to give her time to complete her degree without any distractions but when her graduation looms, Rick knows it’s now or never where his feelings for Judy are concerned. When Judy decides to take up an internship at an architectural firm in LA and decides, along with BFF Meg, to stay at Michael’s house, Rick knows that nothing will stand in his way where his feelings for Judy are concerned.

With Judy playing hard to get and Rick being determined to win over her emotions, the two entertain readers with a very romantic dance around one another. All seems to be going well if a tad slowly, until Judy’s life is placed in danger and Rick becomes the prime suspect. As expected, the whole of the Weekday Brides gang pulls together to come to help Judy and to clear Rick’s name.

This was another highly entertaining storyline. I do love the bodyguard stories so, after Neil’s book, I was delighted to see Rick’s was story had also been written. Judy was a sweet character and despite being relatively innocent, having lived in a quiet town all of her life, she was also a decidedly strong female and not one to be broken, fortunately. As expected, this story leads onto Meg’s, Judy’s BFF, but Meg is heading outside of the Weekday Brides family for her love interest.

This is definitely an easy to read/listen to series and one which is perfectly narrated by Tany Eby.

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