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Wednesday, 11 December 2019
Seduced by Sunday Seduced by Sunday by Catherine Bybee
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So much for R&R...

Just when you didn’t think the complex suspense element in this series couldn’t get any better, bam, we’re thrust into a drug trafficking drama. The individual book covers and story titles may lead you into thinking that this series is about gently evolving love stories between the key protagonists but the stories behind the romance are so much more than you could expect.

The suspense element is compelling and extremely well thought out. Starting each book you know there will be drama but you have no idea at the start of the story exactly what you will find. The one common denominator that you can rely on though is the whole Weekday Brides group and their husbands who are, as always, on hand to support whoever is the next unsuspecting victim of love.

This story is about Meg, or Margaret Rosenthal to give her her full title. With Michael Wolfe, a Holywood star, at her side, she sets off for an exclusive holiday on a secure island which boasts a paparazzi-free zone, or so they think. When Michael and Meg arrive at Sapore di Amore they are looking forward to a week of R&R, all whilst Meg assesses the resort for future Alliance honeymoons. When they arrive they are met by the owner, Valentino “Val” Masini, and his sister, Gabriella “Gabi” Masini. After an initial battle with Val over being cleared to stay at the exclusive resort, Meg arrives fully prepared to give the Val hell, until she lands eyes on him. Both Meg and Michael are stunned by Val’s good looks and Meg knows she is in trouble, especially as her role on the island is to keep Michael’s secret intact.

When mysterious pictures start emerging, Val knows there has been a security breach but when the pictures start to become more revealing and involve Michael and Meg, the group bands together to find out exactly who is targeting them and why. At this point, Val finds out for himself exactly who Meg really is as she contacts her ex-marine friends and starts her own investigations, especially as Michael’s secret lover is on the island.

Things take a more sinister turn though when Gabi’s life is put in danger and it takes every one of Meg’s Weekday Brides friends to help to rescue Gabi. Their investigations take them to Italy and its many winemaking regions before it starts to become clear to the trio of Michael, Meg and Val just how much danger Gabi is really in.

This story was a lot more complex than the others, but that’s certainly not a detrimental comment about the preceding instalments. This book is just so much more rewarding to a reader seeking a really good romantic suspense story. What I love about the female characters, in particular, is that they are all strong in their own way despite, or maybe because of, what has happened to them en route towards their own HEAs. Whilst this story is predominately about Meg’s developing relationship with Val, it clearly sets up Gabi’s story and sadly, that’s the last instalment in what has been a surprisingly entertaining and extremely well-written series. If you have not read anything by this author before, I recommend that you rectify that and soon. Pick a series and start from book one, you won’t be disappointed.

Once again, this unabridged book is available to read/listen to for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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