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Friday, 13 January 2017
Luca Luca by Sarah Castille
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another Mafia story with a smooth but dangerous Italian at the helm!

Whilst I loved Nico, I found this story a teensy bit slow to develop. Luca’s character more than made up for this though as he charmed his way towards making Gabrielle Fawkes his and only his, despite knowing that their relationship could ostracise him from his family.

Gabrielle is a Detective who is working towards finding the man responsible for killing her husband. The elusive drug lord, Garcia, has evaded capture to date and the closest Gabriella has got to him resulted in her being shot and benched from the case. Now working in theft, she is even more determined to find Garcia but with her case files no longer available to her, she seems to be at a dead end, that is until Luca steps up to help her.

Meeting whilst lying side by side in a hospital room, after having both been shot in separate incidents, neither Gabrielle nor Luca know of each other’s backgrounds but they both see something in the other that intrigues them. Gabrielle decides to take Luca up on his offer and decides to visit his restaurant with her friends and from that point on the duo become inseparable, whilst continuing to hide who they really are from each other.

The story from this point becomes mostly sexual as Gabrielle and Luca get to know each other in every sense of the word. Their connection and personalities match perfectly and despite not knowing, at first, that one is a cop and the other a made man, they find comfort in each other's arms. Eventually, their secret is outed and soon the rest of the family find out that Luca is dating a cop and knowing that there will be a price to pay for his relationship with Gabriela, Luca prepares himself for whatever is to be thrown at him. All he knows is that he’s not about to let Gabriella go.

I loved the strength and determination between Luca and Gabrielle despite living lives that are akin to oil and water. Despite their initial reservations though they are determined to be together come hell and high water and that’s exactly the message the rest of Luca's family receive from Gabrielle when things start to fall apart for them. This book has drama, violence and mystery by the bucket full, just what I want from a mafia story. It is well written although, as mentioned before a little slow to develop but when it does, it becomes explosive and captivating.

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