Review: Bold Tricks

Saturday 9 February 2013
Bold Tricks Bold Tricks by Karina Halle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, I can’t believe this fabulous series is over although I am over the moon to hear that Karina Halle is taking some of the characters into a spin off series. More of Derek, Este etc would be very nice, thank you very much!

Following on from Ellie and Camden being rescued from the clutches of Travis by Javier, the unlikely threesome work together towards helping Ellie to find Gus and her parents. Javier, always with his own agenda, leads Camden and Ellie to Travis with the aim of taking over the powerful cartel for himself. Ellie is still seeking revenge for Travis’ brutal attack on her as a child but Ellie’s greatest wish is to find Gus and to enjoy a quiet life with Camden and his son, Ben. That is once they manage to get Ben away from Sophia and away from the Madano family.

Still on the Team Cam and Team Javier fence, I found myself continually switching sides throughout the story. Cam is still struggling to forgive Ellie for falling into bed with Javier again and fighting his feelings for Ellie tries to switch off his emotional attachments to her. Ellie knows that her love for Camden is all that matters and she does everything in her power to make him forgive her. Javier obviously still has feelings, of sorts, for Ellie although you’re never quite sure if his intentions are honourable where Ellie is concerned or if ultimately he is simply using her for his own gain.

If there ever was a book series which should be made into a movie then it is this one. The storyline is delicious but twisted at the same time. The lives of the cartel are violent and soon Ellie and Camden find themselves having to kill or be killed themselves.

The story is fast paced and I just couldn’t put the book down until I knew how it ended. By the time I reached the end of the book my insides were twisting and Karina Halle does an amazing job of drawing raw emotions out of you, even if I could have done without the emotional turmoil at the end.

This is still my all-time favourite book series and one I would encourage everyone to read.

Well that leaves just one matter outstanding and the answer is TEAM CAM!!!!

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