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Friday 10 March 2017
Autumn's Rise Autumn's Rise by R.G. Corr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was blown away by this story. It had depth, complex emotional issues and memorable characters - I adored it!

Despite some initial hesitancy at the outset of this book, specifically in the vague way that the story commenced, I found myself quickly emerged within the lives of these endearing characters and their captivating and emotive stories. This is one of those books which slowly reveals its secrets to you with the turn of every page.

From the start, it was unclear why Autumn was leaving her family home and why Brent McCann played a part in her decision. The story then moves on into Auty’s new life living alongside new friends, Jack and Bea, who quickly realise that Auty is holding secrets from her past deep within her. Whilst Auty is happy in her new life, she remains closed off but with the support of those who have come to love her, she is now cherished and protected.

Auty’s life is simple until she sets eyes on mysterious surfer Zed and his friend Reid. Both friends of her boss, the enigmatic duo cause Auty’s protective walls to crumble thus weakening her resolve where men are concerned. Auty sees something in Zed’s eyes that draws her, unexpectedly, to him. He too is broken and is wearing the emotional scars for all to see, if only people took the time to notice, as Auty does. Despite an unfortunate first encounter, it’s not long before they start to see the best in each other.

Zed may possibly have been the finest looking man my eyes had eyes had the pleasure of resting on, but he was the most abrupt, pompous twat my ears have ever had the displeasure of listening too.

Zed turns out to be Bea’s cousin and through their mutual connection, Zed and Auty start to be a frequent, but pleasant, presence in each other's lives. Despite Auty’s resistance, and firm no dating rule, Zed is not dissuaded by her rebuttals and slowly but surely lets her into his heart and in doing so places himself firmly in hers.

As the story progresses, more secrets from both Auty and Zed are revealed. There are challenges along the way especially when friends misplace their intentions towards Zed and Auty but with time, and patience, Zed and Auty start to find comfort in each other’s company.

Despite a slow and steady start to this book, once Zed and Reid arrive on the scene and the layers of both Auty and Zed are peeled away, and their mutual pain is revealed, this story held me with an unrelenting grip. The secrets uncovered are hard to digest but cathartic to Zed and Auty as they start open up to one another. The writing style by RG Corr is strong and her storytelling skills have definitely won me over. I can’t wait to read on and to get my hands on Reid’s story.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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