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Thursday, 5 December 2019
Archer's Voice Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was one of those books that I craved to read but knowing that so many other people had loved it, I reached for it with trepidation. I'm always disappointed when people rave about books before I get to them because I feel they inadvertently set the book up for a fall. It's like that film you've waited to come out on DVD before watching it, you know the one, all your friends saw at the cinema but you decided to wait until you could watch it in the comfort of your home only to be disappointed by all the preconceived hype. Well, Archer's Voice was the book equivalent for me. Everyone raved so much about the story and Archer Hale that I was hesitant to start it. Was I disappointed? No, absolutely not. Whilst the story was sweet and tender and a beautiful contemporary romance, not my normal favourite genre, I did enjoy it but I didn't quite get the obsession over it. Whilst I wouldn't want to read the book again, I couldn't put it down. I loved the simplicity of the storyline and its characters who were brought together by fate having both suffered their own painful losses in life.

Bree Prescott has left her friends behind and set off to escape the painful memory of her father's death and finds herself at a beautiful lakeside cottage. Knowing that her pain won't leave her, she hopes that a fresh start will enable her to at least find some peace away from her home town and its cruel memories.

Archer Hale's family own the town that Bree finds herself in but a shadow of his former self, Archer quietly hides himself away from the world and its questioning eyes.

Bree soon starts to settles into her new life but after coming across the wild but beautiful man who is Archer, sets out to find out more about him and to understand why she is unexpectedly drawn to him.

Archer is treated by the town folk as an idiot but Bree soon finds out that is far from the truth. Although Archer can't speak, Bree soon learns that he has a special mind and a tender heart and before long the two are drawn into each other's auras.

The story continues with Bree and Archer slowly falling in love with each other but Archer's family are determined to de-rail his future happiness. Will Archer find happiness and trust and will Bree and Archer be able to banish their demons once and for all?

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