5 Star Review: Bad Saint: Volume One (All The Pretty Things Trilogy #1) by Monica James

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Irresistible, thrilling and seductive. Bad Saint was oh so good!

This was my first book by Monica James and I absolutely loved it. Not being a huge fan of dark romance stories, I started Bad Saint with some trepidation but after a few pages, I immediately knew the story would easily outshine whatever darkness was to come. So often dark romance stories are all impact and no storyline but this was definitely not the case with Bad Saint.

This story unwittingly falls into two parts as the key protagonists get to know each other in a variety of different situations, environments and in delightfully unrestrained ways.

Having recently married and looking to put her past firmly behind her, Willow Shaw thinks she has found her dream man in new husband Drew Gibbs. Despite his wealth, Drew appears to live a relating frugal life, a quality that Willow finds endearing.

When Drew and Willow arrive at their honeymoon destination in the Greek Islands, they are looking forward to a couple of relaxing weeks in their peaceful paradise. That is until Willow is kidnapped and Drew is left beaten and broken.

Willow finds herself facing a living hell as she is bound, gagged and blindfolded by her seemingly Russian captors, although she soon finds out that one of her captors is American. A hitman for Russian crime boss Aleksei Popov, Saint Hennessy is tasked with transporting Aleksei’s latest acquisition, Willow, to Russia by boat and in return, he expects to receive something of equal value.

Having fought her way out of the darkness of her past, Willow is determined to do what she can to escape Saint’s clutches but in doing so, she starts to see something in Saint that gives her hope, despite his determination to deliver her to Aleksei.

As the story progresses, Saint and Willow find a way to live alongside each other whilst trying to make sense of their feelings towards each other. Saint is enamored by his “ангел” especially her resilience and Willow is lost to her emotions when it comes to her mysterious captor.

As expected, this story ends on a dramatic pause as Willow and Saint find themselves in another seemingly impossible situation and once again facing an uncertain future.

The dynamic between Saint and Willow was perfect and made the story even more compelling. Bad Saint is fast-paced and dramatic and 100% captivating. I can’t wait to read on!

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Release date

May 6th 2019
Series: All The Pretty Things Trilogy, Volume One  
Genre: Dark Romance


I was kidnapped on my honeymoon by three masked men.
Destination unknown.
I was told to stay silent and abide by their rules. But they didn’t realize I wasn’t a victim…not anymore.
The open sea was my backdrop for nine torturous days. During that time, glimmers of my fate were revealed by a man with the mysterious chartreuse-colored eyes. He should have scared me, but he didn’t.
He intrigued me. And I intrigued him.
He punished me when I didn’t listen, which was every single day. But beneath his cruelty, I sensed he was guarding a grave secret.
I was sold.
And in a game of poker, no less.
My buyer? A Russian mobster who likes to collect pretty things. Now that I know the truth, I only have one choice.
Sink or swim.
And when one fateful night presents me the opportunity, I take it. I just never anticipated my actions would leave me shipwrecked with my kidnapper.
He needs me alive. I want him dead.
But as days turn into weeks, one thing becomes clear—I should hate him…but I don’t.
My name is Willow.
His name is Saint.
Ironic, isn’t it? He bears a name that denotes nothing but holiness yet delivers nothing but hell. However, if this is hell on earth…God, save my soul. 

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