5 Star Review: Altered By Fire (Undercover Sinners #1) by Tate James & CM Stunich

Sunday 5 May 2019
Altered By Fire (Undercover Sinners, #1)Altered By Fire by Tate James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, that was another non-stop read.

I love RH so for the authors to add in a Russian organised crime family and a team of 5 gorgeous security team hunks and this book was just too irresistible to resist.

I can't wait to read on.

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My life changed in an instant, altered by fire, irreparably damaged. 
Just like me. 
I’m a broken, damaged soul on the run from a very real sort of darkness. 

My father, a notorious mob boss, either wants me back or wants me dead. 
I find solace in the arms of his enemies. 
Five deliciously dark men that tempt me to do things I shouldn’t. 

Arsen, Colt, Weston, Mace, and Hawke. 
They’re just as dangerous as the men they’re hunting. 
So, will they save me, or burn me to ashes? 

Either way, in their arms, I catch fire. 
I burn. 
And I love every second of it. 

**NOTE: This book was originally published as Five Fathers by Kate Morgan. It has undergone a rewrite but the core story remains the same.**

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