Wages of Sin Dual Cover Reveal

Friday, 8 March 2019

cover design by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

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Wages of Sin Duet
Cruel Sanctuary, coming March 25th
Corrupt Savior, coming May 13th

Cruel Sanctuary 

They say New York City is the Devil’s Playground.
They’re wrong.
This city belongs to me.
And so does Aislinn Granville. 
She is a pampered politician’s daughter.
A decorative ornament, 
raised to smile and nod and do what she’s told.
Except… she doesn’t. Not with me. Ever.
In this city full of thugs and thieves, I’ve kept Aislinn safe.
From my enemies.
From me.
Until now.

Corrupt Savior

I am the monarch of Manhattan’s underworld.
A corrupt king, ruling a sinful empire. 

I wasn’t born to the crown.

Nevertheless, I wear it well.
Aislinn Granville is the Crown Jewel of my empire—my queen. 
To my enemies, she’s my Achilles heel—a perfect pawn. 
Without her, I am a wounded warrior. 
A ruthless, relentless beast.
There is nowhere she can be taken that I won’t find her.
No adversary I won’t crush to get her back.
Even if I have to burn this city to the ground.

Be Notified of Live Release: http://smarturl.it/CruelSAmzn
Paperback Pre-Order: http://smarturl.it/CruelSPB


“You’re the target, Aislinn.”“What?” Her lashes fly open, jaw momentarily sagging before snapping shut. “That’s ridiculous. You’re lying.”Aislinn is now barely a foot away from me, and I can’t hold back the coarse chuckle that rumbles from my throat like thunder. “Don’t be na├»ve. Your father’s too valuable to hurt, he’s already proven he can be bought. Lytton is just an employee. And your mother is too ill. Which leaves you, Aislinn—the perfect bargaining chip. Leverage, if you will.”“I don’t believe you,” she says, standing her ground. “If that were true, my father would have warned me.”I shrug, knowing this next declaration is going to shock her even further. “Either way, you’ll be staying with me until this situation is contained.”The pulse at the base of Aislinn’s throat flutters wildly, like a caged bird trapped beneath her skin. “You’re insane.”She’s caught, all right. By me.“Maybe. But if you fall into their hands, your father’s just going to ask me to get you back.” I take a step toward her, Aislinn’s chin lifting to maintain eye contact. “I’m a busy man. There’s no need to waste my time hunting you down later when you’re standing in front of me right now.”She flinches at the impact of my intention. “Who the hell do you think you are?”I ignore the question, dragging my eyes away from the sweatshirt that has become damp because of Aislinn’s wet hair, the fabric molding itself to her curves. “There’s a car parked out front right now, and I’ll send someone to guard your door tonight. But I expect you to be packed and ready by tomorrow afternoon. You will stay with me until everything is sorted out.”She doesn’t back down an inch, impassioned fury turning her spine into a steel bar. “If I’m really in danger, I can hire my own bodyguard. I don’t need you, King.”A low chuckle rattles inside my throat as I stare her down. Given the difference in our sizes, it isn’t difficult to do. My answer is confident, and more than a little condescending. Some might say cocky. “Yes, you do."

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About the Author

Tara Leigh is a multi-published author of steamy contemporary romance. A former banker on wall street, she graduated from Washington University and holds an MBA from Columbia business school, but she much prefers spending her days with fictional boyfriends than analyzing financial spreadsheets. Tara currently lives in Fairfield County, Connecticut with her husband, children, and fur-baby, pixie. She is represented by Jessica Alvarez, of bookends literary agency.

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