Stop everything... CM Stunich has released another reverse harem/MC Club book

Friday 29 March 2019
Do you have an author that when he/she drops a new book you just have to stop what you're doing and read it?  It doesn't matter that you have reading/reviewing deadlines, or that Author X will kick your butt because they are waiting to hear how much you loved their story.  It doesn't even have to be a particular author that triggers your distraction, maybe it's a certain genre or trope that calls to you without remorse.

As you can see from my GR currently reading list, I'm a little unfocused at present.  I'm not normally someone who will read so many books at the same time but when those one-click compulsions come calling, what's a girl to do! 

Thankfully, I don't have endless finances available to me and I tend to read review copies or Kindle Unlimited books especially those with a free audible narration otherwise, my situation would be impossibly dire.  I'm talking a full kindle, books instead of a bed in my bedroom, or even that terrible condition, I-am-reading-so-keep-away-or-I-will-kill-you-itis.  

So when I see the lovely CM Stunich has released yet another Reverse Harem Romance, I know that I am done for.  That's a favourite author and book trope overload for me.  CM Stunich alone would cause my eye twitch to start until her book was firmly placed in front of my eyes, but add in the RH element and I'm talking hiding myself away to read just one more page or becoming so incredibly tired that I must go to bed.... at 2 in the afternoon!  

I read a lot of books, okay so they are 99.9% romance stories, and I veer all over the place when it comes to genres and tropes.  One week, or month, it will be all sports themed romances (hockey romances are a huge attraction for me at present).  New adult books call my name regularly. I've kind of sworn off the whole FSOG/billionaire businessman with a penchant for smacking, for now.  But, hit me up with a reverse harem and I will put my life on hold. 

So, as you can tell.  CM Stunich has re-written my plans for the next 24 hours with her release of Filthy Rich Boys coming hot on the heels of I Was Born Ruined, an MC Club/RH which is dark, dirty and disturbingly brilliant, IMHO, and the first story in a new series about the Death by Daybreak MC Club That means, I have to down tools, walk-out, go into hiding, escape to the moon, find a remote uninhabited island, you get my meaning, but life as I know it is about to end, well until I finish Filthy Rich Boys and get my life back on track.  Pray for me x


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