5 Star Review: The Muse by LM Halloran

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Wow, this is one truly talented, and hugely underrated, author. The Muse was yet another beautifully written story and I loved it!!!

When the synopsis mentioned the words “physical scars and victim” I knew this was going to be an emotionally challenging story but these simple words couldn’t go far enough to express the pain and suffering experienced by Iris during her short life to date. Despite her past, Iris is pushing on towards a positive future as her dreams of becoming as successful a writer as her father start to be realised.

Iris is estranged from her father for reasons which become clear in the story but she still lives in the shadow of his success, especially when she starts working for Professor James Beckett. Assigned to him as a graduate TA, Iris knows from their first introduction to each other that her life is going to become complicated but little does she know how much.

Beck or Beckett, as he wants to be known, has a brilliant mind, swoon worthy good looks and is frustratingly egotistical. A womaniser of the highest calibre, Beck is known to leave a trail of broken hearts but satisfied souls behind him. Now fixated on Iris, he is determined to make her life a misery both in and out of the classroom.

As Iris and James’ story progresses their lives become unexpectedly intertwined as Iris’ past finally unlocks its many secrets. They find happiness together only to lose themselves again, and again. Iris’ path to happiness is dogged by shocking revelations and her future is once again uncertain as her past tries its hardest to break her once again.

This story is more than a second chance romance, it’s the romance equivalent of scaling Everest. Whilst it is clear that Iris and James are destined to be together, their love is not without its own pain, trials and tribulations. This story is definitely one that will rock your world. Whilst not part of the Breaking Giants story, reference to the band and Rose’s cafe does play a small cameo part, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This story progresses at both an unhurried but hectic pace as Iris’ life takes two steps forward and one step back as she tries to find both herself and a future that she can cherish without the demons and ghosts which have been her constant companions to date. Iris’ character is emotionally battered but yet she still portrays an inner strength which you can’t help but admire. Despite being one of the most frustrating men that you will ever read about, James is also perfect, both for readers and Iris alike.

If you like books that work hard for their HEAs then you will love LM Halloran’s writing style but be prepared to have your heart ripped out before being tenderly put back together again.

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