4 Star Review: A Change Of Pace by Freya Barker

Tuesday 25 September 2018
A Change Of Pace (Northern Lights, #3)A Change Of Pace by Freya Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a really enjoyable story!

As always with Freya Barker, you can rely on her storytelling ability to sell you an amazing story and this was another hit with me.

I wasn't sure about a man named Newt but his actions soon won me over. With a daughter struggling after the loss of her mother and self-harming herself as a result, Newt and Millie pack up their belongings and head to the country for a more relaxed lifestyle. It's not long before Newt notices that Millie is continuing to struggle but fortunately Freddy has just what Millie needs: compassion and enough pets to start a small petting farm! Little by little Millie starts to open up but when her school friend also starts having emotional problems, Millie steps in and offers her support and together they form an unlikely friendship.

All of the side characters were a perfect complement to this story, and where there is initially some reservations to the newcomers in town, they locals soon accept Newt and Millie as one of their own, especially when tragedy befalls Millie.

Not to be outdone, Freddy has her own fair share of demons to face and eventually turns to Newt and Millie for their support.

This was a great story with characters in their 40s, which I really appreciated. The heat factor may have been a little OTT at times and seemed slightly at odds with the characters ages IMO. That said, I really enjoyed the developing romance between Newt and Freddy.

Definitely a recommended read from me.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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