5 Star Review: The Fall Before Flight by LM Halloran

Tuesday 9 October 2018

As always with LM Halloran, you know before you start reading one of her novels that you should expect the unexpected and that you will be treated to a story unlike no other. The Fall Before Flight was just that: awe-inspiring and a real treat to behold, it left me reeling from the emotions it portrayed. 

The story quickly drew me in thanks to the strength of the characters and strangely the setting. Both Mia (Amelia) and Leo are characters that were destined to be brought to life through the pages of a book. Mia is passionate but broken and Dr. Leo Chastain is just the man to put her back together despite the inner conflict he experiences in relation to his emotions and feelings towards Mia. Set initially in a mental health facility, this is Mia’s last chance to be saved, or so her brother and father think. Denying there is anything wrong with her, other than a penchant for dangerous sporting activities, she can’t understand her brother’s fears for her wellbeing as he begs her to accept his help. 

From entering the Oasis, Mia repeatedly questions why she needs to be there and why she must seek help. Taunting her doctor, Leo, with her sex appeal and innuendos, Mia makes life for Leo extremely difficult to bear. When Leo’s resolve where Mia is concerned crumbles, it’s done so knowing that there can be no going back. Little does Mia know, however, that she has been on Leo’s radar for longer than she could have ever expected and so the mystery and twists in the storyline start. 

This story is on the taboo side of the reader spectrum in that it does cross patient/doctor boundaries but you'll forgive the author for this indiscretion in return for writing such a memorable love story. The story almost feels to be told in two parts. Part 1 is set in the Oasis and Part 2 follows Mia’s journey to find herself now back living in the real world. Both equally as captivating, readers firstly start to figure out why Mia is in the Oasis before slowly starting to see the bigger picture. 

This is certainly another story that’s left me wanting so much more from the author and the memorable characters that she creates. Highly recommended. 

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