3 Star Review: Keeping 6 (Rock Point, #1) by Freya Barker

Tuesday 29 May 2018
Keeping 6 (Rock Point, #1)Keeping 6 by Freya Barker
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Freya Barker has a real talent for creating characters that you immediately warm to. Without having met these characters before, having not read the earlier books linked to them, I didn’t find any difficulty in immersing myself in their story. Both Kerry and Damian are extremely likable characters and their developing relationship was refreshingly unique.

When I saw that Kerry was a bookshop/cafe owner, I had flashbacks to another hugely popular series and whilst initially wary by the similarities between settings, I was relieved to find that this was not the main focal point of the story. That instead went to the ongoing drama that Kerry found herself embroiled in thanks to her interest in buying and selling rare books. When she unexpectedly finds herself the target of criminals, she assumes she is the victim of an isolated incident but when she realises what has been targeted she becomes aware that her business is linked to a rare book which is wrongly assumed to be in her possession.

Having met before when Kerry was kidnapped (a story which was covered in another book by the author), Damian continues to be captivated by her and when he finds out that she is connected to his investigation once again, he is torn, as he was before, between his job and his personal life. Kerry, having been married when Damian first met her was, is now divorced and Damian struggles to reason between his heart and his head where she is concerned. Clearly, it was a struggle that didn’t take much consideration as he and Kerry quickly start acting on the spark that they clearly share.

As the story progresses, readers are taking on a mysterious journey as Damian and his team and professional acquaintances try to find out who is behind the attacks on Kerry. What Damian doesn’t know, at first, is that the answers to all of his questions fall closer to home than he could have ever expected.

This was another interesting story from Freya Barker. However, it did seem very long winded, despite the captivating storyline. I’m afraid I did find myself skimming over some pages and I lost focus on occasion. For me, the story would have been a bigger hit had it been a little less drawn out. That said, the story and especially its conclusion was unexpected and a real treat to read and enjoy.

This ebook was kindly provided by the author prior to release in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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