5+++ Star Review: Eulogy (Eagle Elite, #9) by Rachel Van Dyken

Tuesday 20 February 2018
Eulogy (Eagle Elite, #9)Eulogy by Rachel Van Dyken
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5+++ Stars!!!

This is RVD at her very, very best!!!

“What are you doing in two weeks?”

Oh my, this series is simply sublime! I have loved every single story and each and every character but Chase is always my favourite, even if he is now broken and lost his fun-loving ways.

Poor Chase, after the heartbreak of losing Mil, he's still in pain 6 months on. The nightmares won't go away and he's living on a diet of whiskey and wine. His friends, including Trace, are powerless to help him and yet still the many mafia cogs continue to turn, with or without him.

When a new lawyer is introduced to the families, she is forced to live in Chase's house whilst she works through the many complex business dealings they have. Luc is timid and meek and she finds living in Chase's house terrifying, especially when it is shot up on a daily basis. With Chase also threatening her and frequently pointing his gun at her, Luc quickly becomes more broken than Chase. Despite this, she slowly and unwittingly starts to break through the many defensive layers that Chase has out around his heart. She sings him to sleep and he starts to cherish her company and eventually Chase starts to feel whole once again.

Men weren’t supposed to look like him in real life, with light eyes, dark, perfect olive skin, strong jawlines, hair I wanted to dig my hands into, and a body just made for magazine covers.

Chase and Luc's relationship really packed an emotional punch. It was sweet, tender and ridiculously explosive, especially sexually. Whereas the Eagle Elite series has always portrayed sexual activities in a less is more way, Eulogy went full on especially in the way Chase and Luc attack each other when they realise their attraction to one another.

Chase angry was sexy. Chase sad… still sexy. Chase standing… still so sexy. Chase speaking Italian? I might not survive.

The rest of the familiar family faces return, as expected, with also a shock which I didn't see coming, but that said, anything can and does happen when you're part of the Mafia! The comical banter still existed but alongside a darkness which again appeared to be amped up more in this instalment. I wasn't sure about the scene involving Luc's sacrifice for Chase though, it seemed to come out of nowhere and was disturbingly violent, all things considered. Still, the story rocked my world and maybe one of the best books in the series to date and the ending, and the secrets revealed were just, *sigh*!!!

“Who are you?” “The devil,” he replied. “Welcome to my hell.”

My only concern is that this book is being marketed as a standalone. It isn't and if you read it as such you will not appreciate the many facets and nuances covered in the series to date. Whilst you could theoretically read it as a standalone, I doubt it would make any sense to you and would result in a painfully low rating, and we REALLY don't want that!


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