4 Stars: Ideal Image (Snapshot, #2) by Freya Barker

Friday, 6 October 2017
Ideal Image (Snapshot, #2)Ideal Image by Freya Barker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An altogether more rounded story in this series which I really enjoyed, and appreciated!

This is the second instalment in the Snapshot series. Having loved the prequel, and being slightly disappointed with the first full instalment, Freeze Frame, I found Ideal Image to be a really rewarding and enjoyable story.

Right from the start I connected with the characters and loved spending yet more time with Ben, Isla and good ‘ole Al as well as the main protagonists in this story: Nick and Stacie, and Stacie’s daughter Mak.

Having been badly hurt in the blast that occurred in Freeze Frame, Stacie is now picking up the pieces of her life. Scarred and broken, she is trying to reclaim her life, despite still having one painful reconstructive surgery to face. Supported only by her daughter, she now works from home: a far cry from her previous life as a criminal lawyer.

Aside from her job and current life as a mother, we get to see just how Mak was conceived and the man who was her ever-present shadow then, and now. Nick has loved Stacie from a distance since she was a student and he a teaching assistant. Stunned to find Stacie living in his town, he vows to himself that this time he’s not prepared to let her slip through his fingers. Stacie has no idea that Nick was her saviour all those years ago but quickly warms to his kindness, charm and protectiveness of her and her daughter.

As expected, this story has more than the pain surrounding Stacie’s ongoing recovery for her to face. When someone she once jailed comes into town looking to hurt her, her life is once again turned upside down. But with Nick, her brother Ben and the rest of her new extended family to protect her, both she and Mak will be safe, right?

A side story was also immensely rewarding in this book and that involved a frightened and damaged little girl called Becca. A friend of Mak, she finds herself embroiled in Stacie’s danger as her mother unwittingly becomes involved with the man set on revenge against Stacie. Becca was such a sweet little character and I loved her addition into the story, especially with how Stacie, Nick and their family all warm to her and quickly make her one of their own.

This story had ups and down and twists and turns which kept me on the edge of my seat. It was well written and thought out and unlike its predecessor, had plenty of story to suck me in. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion a future instalment will involve Drew, the local Sheriff, and I can’t wait to see what may or may not develop between him and Jen.

I’m so glad that I read on in this series, after finding Freeze Frame a little flimsy on the story side of things, Ideal Image more than made up for any misgivings that I had.

This ebook was kindly provided by the authors prior to release date in return for an honest and unbiased review.


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