4 Star Review: The Deep End (Honey #1) by Kristen Ashley

Thursday 9 March 2017
The Deep End (Honey, #1)The Deep End by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'll be honest, I started this book with trepidation but I can honestly say that I did enjoy the story, especially Amelie and Olivier's connection and their special story and bond.

I love all of KA's books but surprisingly, this is the first that I've actually "read"; being an Audible fan of KA's work up to now. What I dislike with a passion though is BDSM themed books and so this was going to be a real challenge for me to read and, even more so, to enjoy but I put my trust in KA and I'm glad that I did.

I was immediately drawn into this story and this shocked me given the feedback I had received from book friends prior to starting it. I was expecting to feel the usual discomfort and unease when reading anything involving a Dom, and knowing this was about a Domme, I immediately imagined PVC catsuits but I couldn't have been more wrong in my expectations. Amelie portrayed her role of Domme in a way that I couldn't have foreseen. She had a soft vulnerability simmering beneath her Dominatrix exterior, which really surprised me. I found the way that she handled Olivier's feelings admirable and beautifully tender, given the scenes she was expecting him to partake in.

Olly was, as expected this time, generous with his emotions and feelings towards Amelie. It was clear from the outset that he was clearly struggling with who he is, sexually, and having suffered at the hands of ill-qualified Dommes, to date, he was looking for the one person to finally give him his inner peace, and that was most definitely Amelie.

My thoughts clearly go to show that all readers are different and experience different things from what a book has to offer and so, I would recommend reading this book with an open mind. Put aside your expectations of KA based on her other stories, and read beyond the scenes in order to fully experience all that is The Deep End.

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