2 Star Review: Unsaid (The Manhattanites #3) by Avery Aster

Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Unsaid (The Manhattanites, #3)Unsaid by Avery Aster
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

After reading and loving XO, Blake and the rest of the Manhattanites and Undergrad Years series from Avery Aster, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Unsaid. With Blake at the helm of this book, I was expecting an explosiveness that only he and Miguel could cook up after years of ignoring their feelings for one another.

Now freshly divorced, but still carrying around the baggage Diego so kindly bestowed upon him, Blake is reluctant to move on with his life romantically, that is until his friends step in. With Thor and Vive plotting and planning what could go wrong? But it's the plan which proves to be the downfall in this story as Miguel steps in to be the Dom to service Blake and his Seven Desires.

I loved the connection between Blake and Miguel but this story took their connection to a whole new level as BDSM/erotic activities set precedence over their emotions as Miguel willingly punishes Blake both for personal reasons and also to meet the demands of his seven desires. Miguel, still feeling rejected by Blake, questions whether he is the man, or the Dom, to fulfil Blake's desires. Mostly written in jest, Blake suddenly realises that Thor and Vive have set the seven desires in motion.

For me this is where the story turned a corner that it couldn't return from. I have read and enjoyed BDSM themed books and erotica but in order to be a success they have to be carefully balanced in order to avoid going down a path which loses the emotional or romantic depth of the book and that's exactly what happened here. The themes, which we were forewarned about at the start of the book do actually take place, so if they are likely to offend you don't read the book. For me, whilst taking Blake a step nearer to Miguel and a possible lifelong romantic connection, they completely spoiled the book and the story. I hate to say it but I loathed the storyline mapped out for Blake and Miguel. For two fun loving characters, ok albeit one being a Dom, the scenes were completely unnecessary and not what I was looking for in this series. I hoped that the fisting, golden shower and other bodily fluid exchanges would be inferred rather than graphically portrayed but sadly I was wrong and they simply did not sit right with the story or the series to date, in my opinion. This isn't a criticism of the book or the author, I'm simply stating that this story just wasn't for me. The fun loving characters were lost and the future of the series was darkened and possibly irreparable for me.

There were highs in this story and it picked up its pace when Miguel, Blake and Diego came together but it was over too quickly as we finally got answers to what Diego had done to cause Blake's anxiety. We also had plenty of Lex, Vive, Thor, and Taddy in this book as they strangely all had a story to tell despite this being primarily Blake's book. I have to agree with other reviewers though, I couldn't see how you could read this story without having read the preceding books despite the character cast list at the start of the book.

So, Blake's story has been told and despite my intention not to finish this book, I made it to the end and whilst the unsavoury scenes spoiled the book for me, I got to enjoy the rest of the cast as they continue to experience life as only they can!

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