5+++ Star Review: Breaking Giants by LM Halloran

Wednesday 22 February 2017
Breaking GiantsBreaking Giants by L.M. Halloran
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Phew, another revisit, via audiobook this time, and another gaping hole left in my heart by Julian Ashburn.


5+++ Stars

It's hard for me to express in words just how much I loved this story. From a tentative acceptance to review a book from an unknown author to complete and total love for the story is relatively unheard of but for me, Breaking Giants is one of the closest books to rival my love for SC Stephens’ Thoughtless series.

If I ever wanted to hug the life out of an author, and a book, then this would be it! The developing story between Julian Ashburn and Rose Cunningham may just have ruined me and my love of rock star romance stories for life. Their carefully constructed story is full of painful reminders of why love is hard and trust is even harder.

Despite their immediate attraction for one another, and how their future may just have been written in the stars, Rose finds it difficult to commit to Julian. Her past reminds her on a daily basis why she can’t let her heart rule her head when it comes to musicians, especially following the tragic loss of her mother. With Julian resurrecting painful reminders for Rose, she finds it near on impossible to see his love for her through her clouds of despair. I know angst, drama, frustration and fighting against inevitable love isn’t to everyone’s taste but when you finish this book and reflect on the reasons why it took so long for the key protagonists to accept their feelings for one another, you’ll understand their reticence to commit, well on Rose’s part anyway.

Breaking Giants, in case you haven’t realised, is the band that Julian Ashburn fronts. When Julian walks into Rose’s cafe for an open mic night, incommunicado, life as Rose knows it is about to change, forever. She of course immediately recognises Julian and her body quickly reacts to his presence. Rose is also a singer but only performs for her patrons and despite her amazing talents, she doesn’t want to walk in her mother’s doomed footsteps but with her family and friends all watching over her, and with some serious meddling into her life, Rose soon finds herself a pawn in a game that she has no control over.

With its unique and, at times, heart-wrenching highs and lows, this story is the epitome of a romance roller coaster but one which will delight, reward, challenge and possibly tear you apart before putting you back together, stronger, happier and altogether more complete for having witnessed such an epic romance.

For me, I am left with a huge, gaping hole in my heart and I fear this story may have ruined me for life (ok, slight exaggeration)! I am so happy that out of the many review requests that I receive, I chose this author and this book to read. It’s got to be right up there in my top 30 all-time favourite stories and easily falls into my top 10 rock star books.

Thank you, LM Halloran, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing Julian and Rose into my life and I can only hope and pray that another story from Breaking Giants can be penned in future.


My Julian Ashburn. If you like your rock star romances then this is a must read! ~JG

This ebook was kindly provided by the author in return for an honest and unbiased review.

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When I meet Julian Ashburn, the reclusive frontman of indie-rock legends Breaking Giants, I do what any sane woman would do. Embarrass myself, then insult him. Because you only live once, right?
Besides, keeping my distance from the enigmatic, songwriting genius is an act of self-preservation. Julian is dangerous - a pool of kerosene to my pyromaniac.
I have a weakness for broken men.
But sometimes the stories we tell and the songs we sing have to be rewritten in order for us to grow. Call it fate, or stars aligning, or cosmic accident, but I'm about to find out that of the two of us...
Julian isn't the broken one.

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