5 Star Review: Burn (Dark in You, #1) by Suzanne Wright

Sunday 31 July 2016
Burn (Dark in You, #1)Burn by Suzanne Wright
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when you think PNR can’t get any better, along comes Burn to add fire to your ereaders like never before!

This has to be the best PNR I’ve read in a long while. I’m not exactly sure what drew me to it initially. Maybe it was the idea of a strong and feisty female tattoo artist or maybe it was a horde of sexy demons, but whatever it was this book is pure magick! Suzanne Wright is an extremely talented author with an endearingly whimsical writing style to win over the most reluctant or critical PNR readers.

This story has an extremely strong female lead, which I absolutely loved. Not since I fell in love with Kate Daniel’s have I found anyone to rival her tenacity but Harper may just be the woman to steal her crown! Harper’s character was multi-faceted and I loved the way her character was formed by those around her; namely imps. Rejected by her mother, and raised initially by her grandmother before her father took her under his “wings”, Harper is living a relatively quiet life until she steps in to defend her cousin and in doing so attracts the attention of Knox Thorne.

Knox is one, if not, the most mysterious and powerful demon Prime around and Harper is helpless when she catches his attention. From a distance Knox finds his attraction to her compelling but close up and their demons have a thing or two to say about their new found mates . Harper’s attempts to sidestep Knox’s demands that she become his anchor are futile, especially when they are so evidently destined to be together. Knox knows one thing though and that is that Harper is his, to own and to protect. With danger lurking around the corner, and Harper the target of multiple threats, Knox and his sentinels must find out who is trying to kill Harper and why.

With two such strong and fascinating lead characters you could be forgiven for overlooking this book's support act but with such enticing males surrounding Knox and sensual and feisty females surrounding Harper, you easily find yourself torn over which character you want to spend time with next. With hellhounds and hellcats battling in the sidelines, this book could easily split off in a number of different directions and still be a surefire success.

Lucifer, aka Lou, stole the story for me. Described as a “psychopathic child with Bipolar and OCD” , I found myself wanting him to pop up in the story more than he did. Between impish behaviour and Lou’s quirky ways, the side story between him and the Wallis’ made the story extremely funny and added an altogether different spin on what we expect as “normal” in demon storylines.

Blaze, the next instalment in this series, is around the corner and I for one can’t wait to read it. Although Burn didn’t end on a cliffhanger, the future looks anything but straightforward for the loveable duo.

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Burn (Book #1)
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Blaze (Book #2)
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