5 Star Review: Always & Forever, Vive (The Undergrad Years #4) by Avery Aster

Monday, 28 March 2016
Always & Forever, Vive (The Undergrad Years, #4)Always & Forever, Vive by Avery Aster
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

These stories may be short but they pack a fantastic punch.

From the first few lines you laugh and fall in love that little bit more with Vive as you realise what a wild and free spirited child she was and the way her childhood has formed who she is today. I especially love the school reports which all outline the reasons the foursome ended up at Avon Porter and not incarcerated, permanently.

Vive, Taddy, Lex and Blake are still determined to find out who, if anyone, is trying to harm them or if they have simply been part of an unfortunate set of circumstances. This time, they reach out to Sanderloo to see whether he can help them unlock the mysteries of their recent run of bad luck. I was crying laughing when even beyond the grave poor Sanderloo is still fearful of Vive and her friends.

The madness continues along with the sexiness especially when we are introduced to Vive's boyfriends, yes that's right, plural, and as you can expect with Vive and her high expectations in live, they are perfect, in almost every way!!!

I simply love Avery Aster's writing style. She is has a wonderfully quirky way of expressing herself through her characters and by doing so pulls you into the storyline until you are crying out for more. This is so much more than a YA series, it sets the scene for the Manhattanites in their later years as we witness what moulded them into what they have become today; simply fabulous.

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