5+++ Star Review: Hold On (The Burg #6) by Kristen Ashley

Monday 25 January 2016
Hold On (The 'Burg, #6)Hold On by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

10 "Gooey" Stars. A perfect ending to a perfect series.

That was epilogue heaven. Yes, she who hates epilogues, loved this one, HARD.

This is one of my all time favourite series. I may have taken me a while to get around to reading The 'Burg series but it was certainly worth the wait. Kristen Ashley is an author who really knows how to sell a story to her readers. At first I thought the level of detail in her books was occasionally unnecessary but I quickly came to appreciate that this is where the magic lies in her writing. She tells you everything which in turns makes you an active participant in her stories.

Garrett's story was the perfect conclusion to this series. Right from the start I knew this was going to be an emotional read as I absorbed Cher's pain. This woman has faced it all and lived to tell the tale but when she claims to not deserve her own HEA my heart practically broke for her. Cher is loved amongst her friends though and despite her background they will do anything for her, even the loveable Ryker (who steals the show in every book in my opinion).

I especially love the way Kristen Ashley brings the children in this series to life and you find yourself loving them as much as the main players, if not more, and Ethan was a prime example of this. Despite his tender age, he is fiercely protective of his mother and wants nothing more than for her to be happy.

It's with a heavy heart that I end this series but I know deep down that I will return to it often.

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