5 Star Review: Dawn of Forever (Jack & Jill #3) by Jewel E Ann

Wednesday 16 September 2015
Dawn of Forever (Jack & Jill, #3)Dawn of Forever by Jewel E. Ann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A perfect conclusion to an outstanding series.

I knew this book was going to be a painful one to read, especially the start with AJ’s rapidly declining health but I still wasn't prepared for the emotion l felt throughout the story. The beginning was especially poignant as Jackson took over AJ’s, now limited, control of his life in order to protect his sister. As expected, Jillian reacted badly to news of AJ and immediately spiralled out of control but what no-one realised was that she wasn't just running from her emotions!

The shadow that has been following Jackson and Jillian around seems to have finally caught up with them as they realise that their new, somewhat idyllic, life is now in jeopardy. Jackson needs to decide what to do with Ryn knowing that he has fallen in love with her. With her ex-husband still lurking he’s concerned for her safety and doesn't want to leave her behind, but with Maddie still resisting the truth from Ryn, can he really ask her to flee with him and leave Maddie behind?

Luke, having witnessed Jessica’s resurrection is troubled and knows that he has to find her in order to find out exactly what happened on that fateful day. Despite his best intentions to look for Jessica alone, Lake is determined to help her brother locate Jessica and together they head into the unknown.

On the face of it, this series has been quite a complex read. With Jude and Jessica and Jackson and Jillian, past and present, readers have experienced a story that will have had them clutching at their hair and crying out in frustration as the story meanders throughout Knight and Day’s lives. Add into the story the addition of how Jude and Jillian’s parents play a part in their now secret lives and suddenly all becomes clear. People are not who you expect them to be and once revealed, Jackson, Jude, Knox and Luke all find themselves fighting for their lives.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series. It's a while since I've found a storyline to get my teeth into and the suspense and mystery found here has been perfect. Jewel certainly has a knack for writing complex and captivating plots to draw readers in. This is definitely a series that I will remember with fond memories.

The only thing missing from the ending, for me, was a little bit more about Lake and Cage but maybe we’ll get their story in a novella (pleeeease).

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