5 Star Review: Clash (Legal Affairs, #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Saturday 14 March 2015
Clash (Legal Affairs, #1)Clash by Sawyer Bennett
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Wow, I'm thinking Cal might just be my new BBF, who'd have thought we'd have our hands full with this quiet, unassuming man but damn, Cal is a little kinky!!!! What a pairing he and Macy make, from verbal fireworks to explosive sex, I need more from these two ASAP!!!!


We met Cal, Matt's ex-best friend and the man his wife cheated on him with in the first Legal Affairs series but apart from him coming across as an honourable man, desperate for Matt's forgiveness and to make his peace with what happened, against his wishes, Cal is simply a man who Mac calls her friend and business partner.

Macy, by comparison is the most misunderstood. Coming across as a man-eater who won't repeat her encounters, mainly through One Night Only, we finally get to see what makes her tick and what is revealed so far is a deeply underlying sadness.

The fun and games start though when Macy and Cal come together. Don't be fooled though, they are not best friends, or even best acquaintances... they hate each other and can't bear to be in each other's presence without verbalising their feelings for one another! It's not long though before the gauntlet is thrown down and Cal and Macy decide they can't back down from the latest, personal, accusations and decide to resolve their differences, in the only way they can, without breaking the law.


I loved this first instalment. It's a quick read but one which is packed full of passion and steaminess.

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